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Talking Point: If Nintendo Released Them, Would You Play Virtual Boy Games In 2021?

Nintendo's Virtual Boy was an inarguably strange system, although mentioning its name can elicit markedly different responses. To many, the little tabletop non-HMD is little more than a punchline; a ...

Who needs Super Nintendo World when an English town looks like this?

In March this year, Nintendo opened its Super Nintendo World theme park in Osaka, Japan. Now, just a few short months later, the Birmingham Mail reports that over a dozen giant green plant pots have ...

Introducing Xylophone, From The Studio That Brought You Nintendo Switch's Calculator

Last week, Sabec launched Calculator for Nintendo Switch. The $10 app (which literally is a calculator, by the way) immediately achieved meme status, with Switch owners having far too much fun sharing ...

Here’s how these people managed to play Tetris online on the original Nintendo Game Boy

Here's how these hardware engineers managed to play a game of Tetris online on the original Game Boy. The post Here’s how these people managed to play Tetris online on the original Nintendo Game Boy ...

Mario Kart Fans Can Drive Around In Nintendo-Style Go-Karts In Japan

There are various companies in the country that offer Nintendo-style go-kart experiences, which let people zip around the city while dressed as their favourite video game character. You'll just need ...

Big Nintendo Switch SD Card Is Nearly Half Off At Best Buy

The Nintendo Switch basically necessitates a memory card, and the microSDXC cards it supports can get pretty expensive at higher capacities. That's why it's a great time to buy one with Best Buy's ...

Nintendo Direct June 2021: New Nintendo Switch event is a must watch for Pokemon fans

POKEMON Diamond and Pearl Nintendo Switch remakes will take centre stage during the imminent Direct presentation.

Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure can alleviate chronic low back pain, study finds

A study by Chiba University School of Medicine explored the effects of "exergaming" – exercise gaming – on chronic low back pain, and concluded that regularly playing the Nintendo Switch game Ring Fit ...

PowerA Fusion for Nintendo Switch review: Elite Switch controller has trade-offs

The PowerA Fusion is a nifty alternative to Nintendo's Pro Switch controller, though it requires some key sacrifices.

‘Famicom Detective Club’ Review: A Historical Curiosity For Nintendo Fans

One of the more interesting gaming footnotes in Nintendo’s long and storied history is its 'Famicom Detective Club' adventure games released back at the end of the 80s. While the games later received ...

Today's Best Deals: Roku Ultra, Persona 5 Royal, Nintendo Toys, And More

It's the start of a new week, and we've rounded up the best gaming, tech, and entertainment deals you can grab on Monday.

New Pokemon Snap review: Could Nintendo Switch sequel benefit from a refocus?

NEW POKEMON SNAP improves on most of the aspects of the original N64 game, but does it do enough to warrant the purchase? Find out in Express Online's newest Nintendo Switch review.