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The Latest Nintendo News and Information

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F-Zero Lives In A Fan-Made Game Created Using Nintendo's Game Builder Garage

There might not be an official new F-Zero entry on the way, but one fan has taken it upon themselves to recreate the classic Nintendo racing franchise using Game Builder Garage.

Nintendo Will Announce New Hardware When The Time Is Right Bowser Says

Business is booming for the Switch, and Nintendo is in no hurry to reveal a new successor to that console just yet.

Nintendo president Doug Bowser: Switch is ‘redefining what a console life cycle can look like’

Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo of America, is a skilled communicator. And right now, his message is clear: The Switch is doing great, and new hardware will be announced when the time is right. The ...

Nintendo Will Revive Decades-Old Video Game Franchise

At the annual E3 gaming conference, Nintendo Co.'s showcase is always one of the most anticipated events. This year, the company released its usual slew of teasers for new games in big franchises like ...

What’s Next For Nintendo Stock After A 6% Drop And E3 Showcase?

The stock price of Nintendo has seen a 6% drop over the last five trading days. The company, yesterday, at the E3 video game showcase, gave fans a lot to cheer about, with the announcement of Metroid ...

Intellivision's Amico Is Shaping Up To Be The Most 'Nintendo' Non-Nintendo System Ever

You'd be forgiven for missing it amid all of the other E3 presentations, but Intellivision's Amico-focused video event was pretty interesting, because it gave us a look at what it shaping up to be a ...

Nintendo Won't Make a New F-Zero, So Someone Made One in Game Builder Garage

With the lack of new games in the F-Zero franchise, a Nintendo fan has been forced to make their own in Game Builder Garage.

Don't Worry, Nintendo "Absolutely" Has Plans For Animal Crossing: New Horizons Going Forward

New Horizons ' absence from Nintendo's E3 Direct this year, there's apparently no need to worry. Speaking to The Verge, Nintendo of America president, Doug Bowser, reassured fans the latest entry in ...

Error Code 2123-1502 Has Broken The Nintendo Switch For Many Players All Week

Nintendo released the relatively innocuous 12.0.3 update which wasn’t supposed to do anything major to the Switch. But now players are being hit with error code 2123-1502.

Nintendo Teases New Animal Crossing: New Horizons Content

New Horizons from the Nintendo Direct E3 2021 presentation was notable to say the least. The Nintendo Switch game has been a massive success over the last year, and fans couldn't be blamed for ...

Microsoft just revealed how it intends to dethrone Sony and Nintendo in the video-game console war — and what comes next

An extensive lineup of upcoming games as well as titles already on Game Pass earned Microsoft top marks at E3 2021, while Sony was a no-show.

Do you need Nintendo Switch Online to play Pokémon Unite?

There are a few key features in Unite that might make playing it easier. The post Do you need Nintendo Switch Online to play Pokémon Unite? appeared first on Dot Esports.