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5 Nintendo Games That Deserve the Mario Maker Treatment

Mario Maker blended the platformer series with a powerful level editor. Nintendo should also apply the same formula to these five titles.

5 Classic Nintendo Games That Will Be Appreciated in Value (and 5 You Should Sell Now)

Classic Nintendo Games That Will Be Appreciated in Value (and 5 You Should Sell Now) Remember back in the 1980s, or even the 1970s, ...

Amazon's Top 10 Selling Games Of 2020 Were Almost All Nintendo Games

To the surprise of no one enduring a coronavirus lockdown, Animal Crossing: New Horizons was Amazon's best-selling game in 2020.

This Guy Shared How Playing Nintendo Games Helped Him Get Ripped

Barron explains that, despite what many parents might say, a childhood playing video games has helped instill in him a worldview which keeps him motivated in his personal fitness. "Whether I'm working ...

DIY Nintendo Labo Kit Turns Mario Kart Into a Real-Life Workout

A self-proclaimed "hardware hacker," Choi combined Nintendo's Labo kit, Ring Fit peripheral, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game into one challenging-but-fun full-body exercise experience. "This is a fully ...

Other Nintendo Games That Should Get Mario 35 Versions

Nintendo has twice succeeded twice in making unconventional battle royales based off of existing games. Here are four more we'd like to see.

The music Easter egg hidden in dozens of Nintendo games

The music Easter egg hidden in dozens of Nintendo games The first title with "Totaka's Song" was, appropriately, the first game Totaka ...

This Nintendo player turned ‘Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’ into a fitness game. Here’s how he did it.

Hardware engineer Mike Choi’s love for tinkering comes from his love for Nintendo products. His appreciation for everything the publisher creates inspired his ludicrous, but fully functional, ...

Nintendo Switch made up 87 per cent of all consoles sold in Japan in 2020

The Nintendo Switch dominated the Japanese market in 2020, accounting for 87 per cent of all consoles sales in the country.

Nintendo wants $ 15 million in lawsuit against pirated gaming site

Nintendo requires $ 15 million compensation in lawsuit against owner and operator of gaming portal RomUniverse ...

Infiniti Looks Back on 31 Years of Automotive Design

InfinitiThis year, Infiniti celebrates both its 31st anniversary and the upcoming release of its latest model, the QX55. Here’s a retrospective of where the company has been — and wher ...