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Mario Kart 9 Rumor Reveals Release Window

Mario Kart 9 hasn't been announced for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite yet, nor has Nintendo even hinted at its existence. However, according to a plethora of rumors, it's in development for ...

The best game released in 2020 was an NES demake from 2008

The Pac-Man Championship Edition demake is the best game I've played with a 2020 copyright. Where did it come from and why is it so good?

10 Nintendo Games That Never Got Amiibo (But Should Have)

Nintendo has really upped their Amiibo figures game since they launched in 2014. So why haven't they created ones for Donkey Kong or Pokemon yet?

Retro Nintendo Games Found Hidden in Microsoft Edge Extensions

A variety of Microsoft Edge browser extensions were found to contain illegal ROMs of Nintendo titles, which were playable within Edge.

Classic Nintendo Games Coming to Nintendo Switch 30 Years Later

The Nintendo Switch is getting a pair of classic Nintendo games 30 years later. Today during the new Nintendo Direct, Nintendo shocked retro gamers with a reveal that both Famicom Detective Club: The ...

January 2021 NPD: Nintendo games and holiday hits lead surging sales

The new generation of consoles is fueling growth across all gaming categories in the United States. Hardware saw a 144% year-over-year surge, but software also grew 36%, according to industry-tracking ...

Microsoft Edge extensions have been hiding retro Nintendo games

A selection of illegal ROMs for classic Nintendo games was discovered in a variety of Microsoft Edge extensions, with the games playable within the browser itself. Games from other publishers such as ...

StreetPass, Nintendo 3DS' Best Feature, Deserves A Successor

Streetpass is arguably the Nintendo 3DS' most memorable and clever feature. In most ways, the now 10-year-old 3DS was an oddity--the next evolution of the equally strange Nintendo DS, and with a ...

Illegal Nintendo games discovered in Microsoft Edge extensions

Illegal Nintendo games discovered in Microsoft Edge extensions There are several high-profile games from Nintendo and Microsoft available ...

Microsoft's Edge Extensions Store Has Reportedly Been Hosting Illegal Copies Of Nintendo Games

Microsoft's Edge extensions store is believed to have been hosting "illegal copies" of classic games like Mario Kart 64, Super Mario Bros. and various other titles like Sonic the Hedgehog, Pac-Man and ...

Microsoft – Microsoft Edge Extensions Store Reportedly Selling Pirated Nintendo Games

The games were discovered among the extensions available for Microsoft ‘s Edge web browser where they had been hiding in plain sight for at least three months. Of course, it wasn’t Microsoft who was ...

Classic Nintendo games are coming to Nintendo Switch 30 years later

Classic Nintendo games are coming to Nintendo Switch 30 years later The Nintendo Switch gets a few classic Nintendo games 30 years later.