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Nintendo-news is an objective fact tank that illuminates standard society approximately the problems, demeanors and styles forming the sector. Nintendo-news lead trendy conclusion surveying, statistic look into, content material exam and other records pushed sociology inquire about. Nintendo-news does not take association positions.

Apex Legends Season 8 release includes Nintendo Switch version, according to leak

THE Apex Legends Season 8 release has been scheduled for February 2021, and a new leak suggests that this will also be when the game finally arrives on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Has Second Best US Console Sales Year Ever, 87% Of All Consoles Sold In Japan

There are a few different eye-popping stats that are coming out through end of year round-ups right now. The latest NPD numbers come with the additional note that the Nintendo Switch had the highest ...

Nintendo Switch Outsold PS5 And Xbox Series X Last Month And Set Some Records For The Year

The PS5 and Xbox Series X+S are selling out immediately, and its clear that both could sell millions more units if there were millions more units to sell. Both are doing great, but even in the face of ...

Several Nintendo Switch digital games are up to 50% off on Amazon, Best Buy, and Target right now

Amazon, Best Buy, and Target are matching discounts from Nintendo's sale. You can save big on titles like Yoshi's Crafted World, Borderlands, and more.

Forget about 'Animal Crossing' and the PlayStation 5: 2020's biggest sellers in gaming were 'Call of Duty' and the Nintendo Switch

Despite headlines being dominated by sold out PlayStation 5 consoles, Nintendo's Switch was actually the best-selling system of 2020.

We’re getting closer to a Nintendo Switch-sized gaming PC

One year ago at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Alienware made waves with a modular gaming PC that worked like a Nintendo Switch, with a pair of gamepads flanking a powerful Windows 10 tablet. Sadly, Alienware ...

Video: Seven 'Impossible' Ports That Made It Onto Nintendo Systems

With the Nintendo Switch being the system that it is, a fairly underpowered one when compared to its industry rivals, the term 'impossible port' is being branded about like never before. In recent ...

Nintendo Switch Accounted for 87% of All Consoles Sold in Japan in 2020

Not only did Nintendo sell nearly 6 million Switch consoles in Japan in 2020, the Switch accounted for 87% of all console sales last year as well.

‘Mario Kart Wii’ streamer sets world record using ‘crazy’ shortcut

Twitch streamer ArthurMKW has broken the world record for Mario Kart Wii’s Rainbow Road track by using the hardest shortcut in the game ...

Nintendo Newsround – January 2021

I’ll be looking back at the Nintendo news from December and looking forward to the upcoming games of 2021, as well as gaming resolutions!